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Lady Rose

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Lady Diamond

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Lady cigarettes

Along with all spheres where women are really appreciated, now comes time for tobacco world. And this is primarily due to such perfect cigarette as is Lady brand. Women, if you are looking for that were created special for you that were covered by great care and excellence then you will find it in world of Lady brand.

Company producer, Cigaronne SPS, tried to produce smoking product that what wouldn’t have analogies in taste and design. After deep researches and discussions it was decided that tobacco product that was so waited by women will be embodied in Lady cigarette.

Everything that is connected with this brand is allied with ladies. This smoking product was launched on Woman’s day, on March, 8, 2006, as gift from Gallagher Tobacco Company for all women, as they deserve all the best.

It was prepared in unique design and composition. Along with best blended sorts of blended tobacco, this brand contain a special unique filter that make experience of smoking this cigarette more refined and polished.

Detail that make Lady brand only one of its kind is its covering and shining magnificence. Lady slimmest was projected into three different varieties: Lady Diamond, Lady Rose and Lady Menthol. Last two diversities of Lady-es cigs are with a light aroma one of rose and one of menthol.

Every tobacco brand depicts woman’s character: classical Lady Diamond is for women that are adherent of elegancy and diamonds, Lady Rose cig was created for romantic natures of roses and Lady Menthol for woman that likes to taste fly on wings of wind.

Every detail that Gallagher introduced in composition of this smoking tobacco raises it to status of exclusive and most excellent. Lady cigarette are decorated with colored tipping paper which will hide lipstick. Each pack of this tobacco product is colored in distinctive colors: pink for Lady Diamond, green for Lady Menthol and red for Lady Rose.

Don’t think about details, Lady cigarette brand will do it for you. Its packs will be that nicety that will depict you nature. Smoking taste that offers this premium tobacco will never make you unnoticed.

Order Lady brand from our online cigarettes shop at cheapest price and you will undertake smoking experience that was created special for styled women. Choose among Brilliance, Romanticism and Freshening and bring color to your life, at discounted price.

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