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Leana Cigarettes

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Leana Non-Filter

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1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

Leana cigarettes

Great choice for those who prefer real taste of original tobacco.” this is one of the dozens of testimonials we are receiving from our customers about Leana cigarettes.

Leana non-filtered cigarettes are made from high-quality oriental tobacco. The unique tobacco formula of these cigarettes was created by blending the oriental tobacco, imported from Turkey and several sorts of local tobacco distinguished by its unforgettable and rich aroma.

The producer of Leana cigarettes is TUTUN-CTC, a Moldavian tobacco giant, well-known for its market successes like Doina, Marengo and Fluiras. The high quality of theses smokes is guaranteed, as Leana brand won a silver medal in its cigarette class at the TABACEX EXHIBITION held in Prague, Czech Republic in 2004.

Leana cigarettes gained the trust and love among the adult smokers thanks to their bold and intense flavor and aroma that provoke especial feelings including a sensation of completeness of the taste and satisfaction from the smoking process.

Modest design, strong flavor and a dramatically low price – these peculiarities make Leana cigarettes be especially popular among middle-income customers who prefer tobacco products with high amounts of tobacco and original taste.

So, if you are eager to find something simple yet sophisticated, don’t waste your time on those high profile well-promoted cigarettes, but rather visit our online discount tobacco store and order Leana cigarettes and take the advantage of exclusively high quality of these cigarettes.