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MT Cigarettes

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1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

MT cigarettes

MT cigarette is a total propriety of tobacco company Tutun CTC. This cigarette producer is located in Eastern Europe that opened its door in 1924. Now, Tutun CTC is a join stock company that annually fermented thousands of tons of tobacco. It is equipped with up-to-the-minute technologies that were elaborated by companies from Germany, Great Britain, Austria, France and Holland.

Owning such great opportunities it is obvious that smoking products of this company are of best quality. MT producer was honored for its qualitative cigarette brands with all types of medals, golden, silver and bronze, at international exhibitions and forums. Tutun CTC was more awarded by thousands of smokers that decided on their tobacco products as an indispensable life-item and remain so perpetual.

MT Full Flavor cigarette is one of elite brands of Tutun CTC. It is prepared from blending of Virginia and American sorts of tobacco, that make its smoking taste more composed and interesting.

MT cigs express a plentiful savor that is refined by a special filter. Cigarettes are produced in king size length, as namely this size is well preferred by smokers. This high-end tobacco product is placed in hard packs.

This brand likes those that desire to experience taste of independence. Choosing a cigarette that is unique in variety and taste, smoker also became sole. Why savor that what were covered with sand of time, or that what became so ordinary for everybody. Select MT cigarette in order to feel how richness taste and something that will describe you as unique in preference.

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