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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

AGE: You must be at least 21 years old to be allowed by USA government to purchase smoking cigarettes and tobacco products legally.

Order processing: All orders will be processed within 1 work day.

Shipping: The shipping cost is mentioned on Order processing pages. Shipping terms may vary from 7 up to 10 days after order is processed by our customer service, unless any other digression appears on customs or State level.

Resale of purchased products: The tobacco products and cigarettes sold on are meant only for personal use and not for sale. The resale of any tobacco products, including: cigarettes, cigars and other purchased from is forbidden by law.

Products quality: We affirm the quality of all tobacco products is high standard; we are not responsible for variation in quality from the tobacco producers. All products sold by respond to European specifications unless otherwise stated.

Satisfaction guarantee: Our online cigarette shop team is eager to meet all your needs and preferences about tobacco products we sell and you order online from us. Just in the case you have not received or received damaged tobacco packs, Top-cigarettes will not perform any refunds until a full investigation has taken place. We are unable to complete these actions until a period of 30 days has passed due to the post offices tracking procedure. All orders should also be insured by your credit card provider.

ACCEPTANCE: Confirming and proceeding the order the client accepts to be bound by the Terms and Conditions listed above.

Charges and Fees: Our company does NOT manage charges and fees processes. We do NOT carry any responsibility for errors taken place on our processing center we have contract with. It is totally our customers responsibility to provide correct information required for your order to be processed. We don NOT carry any responsibility for third-party circumstances entailing failure of placing your order and double charging of your banking account such as: Internet connection loss, energy cessation and other undisclosed reasons. If you have faced some difficulties please contact our support center with detailed description of your issue and we will do everything possible to fix this problem.